Past Endeavors

Gregory F Casagrande - geneious

Biomatters Ltd

Biomatters provides advanced genetic sequence analysis tools for microbiologists. It’s Geneious Prime offering is considered the world’s leading bio-informatics platform and its Geneious Biologics product is a tool for therapeutic antibody research and development work.
Greg is the founding Chairman of Biomatters. He lead Biomatters from 2003 until its successful sale to Graphpad/Insightful Science of San Diego, CA in March, 2019.

Gregory F Casagrande - Icehouse Ice Angels

Ice Angels

The Ice Angels are New Zealand’s leading Angel investment group. It is affiliated with Forbes “World’s Top 10 Small Business Incubator,” the Ice House, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Greg is a founder of the Ice Angels and previously served as the Chairman of its Executive Committee.

International Association of Microfinance Investors (IAMFI)

IAMFI of NY, NY was the first organized association of impact investors developed to help create a new asset class to enable the flow of commercial capital into impact investments.

Greg was a founding director of IAMFI

Gregory F Casagrande - P+sitive Planet

Positive Planet

Positive Planet is a leading French NGO helping to build out the global microfinance industry.

Greg served as a director of Positive Planet

Gregory F Casagrande - United Nations

United Nations International Year of Microcredit

The UN-IYM was the United Nations official promotion to raise global awareness of the work of microfinance institutions and the impact that they play towards eradicating global poverty.

Greg was a member of the 16-person UN-IYM Global Board of Advisers.

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