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Make your money work for you. It’s something we often hear when the finance industry markets its products and services. However, in recent years, something interesting has begun to happen. Not only can you make your money work for you by earning interest in savings accounts or investing it in mutual funds or ETFs, but you can also make it work for the greater good.

In the world of investing and finance, the word microfinance may not come up often. It is however a significant global initiative geared towards improving the lives of the impoverished, particularly in third world countries.

If you’ve seen the popular television programs Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank, you likely have a decent understanding of angel investing, whether you’ve assigned it that title or not. Angel investing is the practice of exchanging capital for equity in a company, product, or idea. In the case of the TV shows mentioned above, especially wealthy investors with specialties in different markets listen to pitches from various entrepreneurs and decide whether they think they can make a profit on their ideas. While an excellent source of entertainment, these programs don’t always discuss the nuanced benefits of angel investing.

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